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Payment Guide

I Order directly on the website:

B1: In details, each product has an ORDER button. You choose the product you need to buy in color and size - click on the ORDER button.

B2 Your shopping cart will appear, you choose the quantity to buy.

B3. To continue buying other products, click on "Continue shopping".

B4. Buy enough quantity you fill in the customer information section below, please fill in the information box marked * (required) for payment. The "Content" section you can add detailed information about color, size, or other requirements so that we can serve according to your requirements.

B5. After filling in all the items, you click on the Pay button. Your order will be sent, and we will receive your order.

B6. We will contact you as soon as you receive your order or early morning of the next meeting.
B7. You can order directly via phone number 0936539696

HOTLINE 0936.539.696